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Hey there!

Are you interested in getting a personalized portait, of yourself, your family, loved ones, etc.?

Follow these steps to figure out what you want to order, and then fill out the form on the

bottom of the page.

After you have sent in the contact form, I will contact you through email to figure out the next steps.


STEP 1: Style and budget?

Style: "TRACED"

About this style: This style works for those who want a drawing that has a clean and technical look, and is a direct copy of the reference photo. It's also a safe choice, because there's a very small chance that the drawing won't look like you expect, and people will look most true to themself. 
 "Tracing" is a technique used to transfer an image into linework directly from photos. When I trace a photo, I draw (digitally) directly on the reference, to create a drawing as close to the original as possible.
It's like a direct copy, but outlined. 

Number of people*: 


(* or animals)


1000 kr
2000 kr
3000 kr
4000 kr
5000 kr
6000 kr

Style: "TRACED"


About this style: This style works for those who fancy a more playful and cartoonish style, made in my personal naive drawing-style, with a lot of texture. This style won't be 100% accurate, because it's more of a "caricature". The result has a more personal and fun feel, where you can see my hand- and pencilwork much better. 
(A hint of Sosialantenne, hehe). 

 The drawing is first made by hand, with pen and paper, before it's scanned and colored digitally on the iPad. This style is more difficult to make changes to, because it's made without as many technical aids.