After waiting 90 days for my tufting gun to arrive, I could finally start my own "tufting journey" the 15th of March 2021.

The wait was all worth it, and I'm having so much fun working with tufting.

Tufting is a type of textile weaving in which a thread is inserted on a primary base (a tufting cloth). Tufting is the way soft, fluffy rugs are often made. You can do it all by hand, (punch needle), but the technique I use involves a TUFTING GUN that shoots a needle up to 45 times a second into fabric, enabling you to make plush, tactile patterns, all by pulling a trigger.

I own both a AK-I gun (16.12.2020), AK-II gun  (22.11.2021) and an AK-III gun (06.05.2022). Combining these can create interessting textures and surfaces. 

All my tufting knowledge is self taught by experience and internett tutorials. I hold workshops for those who are interested in rug making. 

I do commissions and custom work, and I've also done bigger projects for bigger companies, such as Talormade Donuts.

On my Instagram feed (reels), TikTok (@sosialantenne), and YouTube channel (Sosialantenne)  -- you can see videos on how the whole process works, and how I make my tufted pieces from start to finish.