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Hey there!

Are you interested in pre-ordering a custom rug?

Follow these steps to figure out what you want to order, and then fill out the form on the

bottom of the page.

After you have sent in the contact form, I will contact you through email to figure out the next steps.

(I will also figure out the exact price for the product)


STEP 1: Size?





Approximate size:

30 x 20 cm (more or less)



Approximate size:

50 x 40 cm (more or less)



Approximate size:

80 x 60 cm (more or less)



Approximately 120 x 80 centimeters, more or less.. +/-

(MAX SIZE: 125 x 185 cm)


Price estimate:

800 NOK / $89 USD


1400 NOK / $156 USD


Price estimate:

1400 NOK / $156 USD


2800 NOK / $278 USD


Price estimate:

2800 NOK / $278 USD


4800 NOK / $534 USD


Price estimate:

4800 NOK / $540 USD


15 000 NOK / $1570 USD


STEP 2: Design?


Do you have a specific idea or a reference photo?

Awesome! Let me know, or upload an image in the form.

OR are you not particularly sure what you want yet?

No worries; 

Here are some photos of some finished rugs, and also

some of my digital sketches / ideas:


STEP 3: Submit a request


Now you can submit a request in this form.


You do not sign up for a binding agreement by submitting a form.

It is only to get in contact with me, and make it easier to discuss a possible order, It is 100% allowed to get in touch, without an order being made out of it. It will be a non-committal chat.

BUT, once we have made a written agreement, you will be asked to pay half the amount in advance as a deposit. This is a guarantee for me, to ensure a financial security regarding the production. 

I will answer you as soon as possible, and will figure out a more accurate price, and if you're

interessted in ordering.

It is important to add that there is some waiting time for orders.

If your order is extensive, you will be placed on a waiting list.

The scope of production is approximately 2-4 weeks, from the start date.

Delays may occur.

Do not order anything with a deadline.

All products are handmade, by me.

Get a Quote / Price Estimate
Reference image?

Thanks for submitting!
I will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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