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This TUFTED ARTWORK is a part of my bachelorproject: "TUFT LIV".
One of a kind (limited edition). First come, first served. 

If you're interessted in seeing the artwork in person, before buying, contact me for a private showcase. 

Size: 89 x 64 centimeters
Weight: 5 kilos


It is handmade and designed by me, using AK-I, AK-II and AK-III tufting guns. Both cut- and loop pile. The surface of the rug has different pile heights and textures, and is carefully trimmed, carved and sculpted.


The yarn is 100% wool.

Made as ECO-friendly as possible!


The frames are handmade of pinewood lists and board, painted in black. Signed by me, and also branded with logo. Metal hanging. 

Instructions for taking care of the tufted artwork, is included in a separate note. 

"OVERSTIMULERT" (original tufted artwork)

kr 6 900,00Price
  • Norway: It's recommended to choose NORGESPAKKE! It's cheaper than regular shipping, AND it offers tracking!

    The shipping rate is high, because of the art piece's weight.

    PickUp available in Stavanger.

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