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Physical (or digital) gift card, for SYKT TUFT -- Tufting Workshops.

A standard workshop costs: 3000 NOK.
You can choose how much of the amount you want to gift away. 

Size of the physical card: 105 × 148 mm (A6). 
Digital gift cards are delievered as a PDF.

Valid 2 years** from order date. 
(** If the price of the workshop changes during these 2 years, contact us. We'll see what we can do, and if the price difference is too big or pretty similar)

THE PRICE OF 3000 KR is valid for the standard workshops in Stavanger. If you want to use the gift card, for workshops in other cities (or other alternative events), the price may differ. In this case, you have to pay the rest of the amount beside the gift card. ("Mellomlegg")

The gift card includes a uniqe validation code. 

To redeem the card, email:

Got any questions?

More info about the workshops:


kr 500,00Price
  • The gift card has to be used in a 1 year period.

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