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I designed a football kit (uniform) for the Norwegian team, for FIFA Nordics (Electronic Arts).

My design got iplemented in-game as well as produced outside the game and seeded to different

partners and influencers.

I based my design on a Norwegian bunad (mens version), with a vest, shirt, embroidery, shorts and socks. 

The vest consists of an abstract landscape illustration, inspired by the beautiful Norwegian nature; northern lights, melting snow, (hehe), fjords and forests. The black color represents Norway as an oil nation, and it's negative impact on the environment and climate change. The details on the shirt and socks, are inspired by Norwegian "rosemaling", with a sporty and modern twist. The shorts has small details from the vest, where the "drops" works as buttons, just like a bunad.

My design is equally a honoring tribute, as it is a critical nod to Norway. 

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