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School of RUG

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Hi there! Here's an update on the current situation!
(September 28th, 2023)

I'm doing everything I can to start up new workshops again, but it's taking a very long time, unfortunately. (It's kind of driving me mad actually, at the moment, hahah, oof...)

I need start-up capital and financial resources to buy enough equipment and materials, as the old workshop-model was not optimal enough (one participant at a time). I want to have more tufting guns and equipment to teach several participants at the same time, to create a more social and inspiring experience for everyone. (Myself included.)

But don't worry, I've spent the last few months submitting loads of applications in hopes of getting the money to create the best workshops I can offer.

In the meantime, follow @sykt.tuft on Instagram or Facebook, and it probably won't be too long until we meet. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding! :-)

best wishes,

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