VOOVA earrings are here!


(Volume 1)



Please read the full item description before purchase!


Chic statement earrings with a vulva design. 

Jewelry in flattering pink pastel and monochrome palettes.

All pieces are different.

Order the pair you like the most.

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Handmade with polymer clay. Baked. 

1 thin layer of glaze, for a half-shiny-matte look.


Length: Approximately 11-12 centimeters long. 

See model photos for referance. 


Weight: Approximately 10-15 gram. 

A bit heavy, so not very suitable for dancing and jumping.

(More of a statement / wearable artwork). 


Metal studs. Standard.

Normal steel, golden color.
Clean, and safe to use.

Not nickel-free. 

The studs  are pretty steady (because they're integrated/baked INTO the clay, not glued on). They will most likely NOT fall of, or break.  But I still recommend to be careful when taking the earrings on and off. 

PHOTOS: Ingse-Lita Bjørkli @ingselita (PORTFOLIO HERE)

MODEL: Jenny Cha Alfsen (@chaserize)


VOOVA earrings

kr 300,00Price

    Be sure that you understand the weight and height of the products. They're not possible to return, because of hygiene issues. 

    If you experience that they somehow BREAKS (they should be steady enough, but accidents may happen). Please document the damage with photos, and you can get some of the money back.
    (If the damage is not possible to repair).