Original tegning av "Fleurs". A4.
Utgangspunkt for digital trykk.

​​​​​​​Håndtegnet med blyant og tusj.

Trykket blir signert ved levering.

If you have any questions, please email your inquires to:


kr 200,00Price
  • A4 is shipped flat. Rarely breaks.

    A3 can BREAK through shipping. (Shipped flat).
    If you live outside Norway, it's recommended to order A4, A2 or A1. NOT A3.

    A2 and A1 is safer to send across long distances. (Shipped in a tube)

    The product is shipped from Oslo, Norway

  • If your order arrives with damages, please document it with photos, and send them to shop@sosialantenne.no.
    You can receive a FULL REFUND if your order is damaged -- or never arrives.