This NIGHT Mirror are part of my sixth collection of tufted pieces. 
The collection mainly focuses on weather, time of the day -- and the sky. 

There's currently only THIS PIECE available, so it's very limited edition.

First come, first served.


The mirrors are handmade by me, as ethical and enviroment friendly as possible.
This frame if made of 100% wool yarn.
Tufted with a cut pile tufting gun.


Size: 75 x 56 centimeters. 

Weight: 5,8 kg.

Real glass mirror, from IKEA. 


The back had a wooden 10 mm OSB plate, figure cut, with a metal hanging.

Branded with wood burn high heat stamp, with Sosialantenne logo.

Signed with a serial number.

NIGHT mirror

kr 2 600,00Price
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    The shipping rate is high, because of the mirror's weight.

    It's also available for PICK UP in Oslo.
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