Celebrity Portrait

Are you interessted in getting a portrait of your favourite celebrity / famous person?

Say no more! I'm here to help. I do celebrity portraits!

There are currently 2 art styles to choose from.  (And they have different price ranges, and use).

The prices also varies based on how famous they are.

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Art styles

Hand-drawn / Håndtegnet

This technique is a bit time consuming, and is usually difficult to change (once it's done).

It's drawn by hand, using ink and pencil.

I add some rapid and raw shadowing.

Colored digitally. 

It get's a more cartooney and caricature look,

and it's my signature style for portraits.


This is the style I ususally do

on celebrity portraits.



This technique is not very time consuming,

and is easy to change and make edits to.

Tracing is basically just a direct copy of a

referance photo. The photo is outlined with drawing directly on the photo.

It get's a more realistic look, and it will look

pretty much authentic to the photo.

It's possible to get everything traced,

as long as the referance  photo is in

HIGH RESOLUTION (good quality).

Full body or portrait.

I ususally do this style on historical people,

and draw them with tattoos, piercing and

modern clothing.


The prices are a bit difficult to specify correctly.

There are mainly two causes: The price vary based on the art style, and demand.

If the person is a A-list celebrity, or a loved icon through decades, the prices will most likely be LOWER.


These kind of portraits are "reusable", which means I probably have bigger chances of selling these to other customers as well.

If the person is not that famous, or something I can't sell to others, the price will be higher.

When you contact me, I will determine the price depending on these factors.





(Ex: A-list, "icons")


A4: 250 NOK

A3: 500 NOK

A2: 750 NOK

A1: 1000 NOK


(Ex: Popular, BUT not an "interior object")


A4: 500 NOK

A3: 600 NOK

A2: 750 NOK

A1: 1000 NOK


(Ex: Pretty unknown to most people)


A4: 1010 NOK

A3: 1010 NOK

A2: 1100 NOK

A1: 1200 NOK

(You can write in NORWEGIAN or ENGLISH)
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Upload reference photo

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I'll come back to you as soon as possible.